Is colon cleansing a good way to eliminate toxins from your body?

Colon is the largest part of the large intestines in the digestive system and is known for extracting the water and salts from the formed stools. They don’t play a crucial role in the absorption of the digested food like small intestine does. The human colon is differentiated into ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon. The cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal make the large intestine.

When the functions of the large intestine are observed, the chime is converted into the stools as the digested food is absorbed by the small intestine. Ileum (last part of small intestine) is connected to the cecum (initial part of large intestine) stools move to the ascending colon for absorbing the remaining water content in the stools. The stools are converted into dry stools after the water absorption and passed through the transverse, descending colon to sigmoid colon. The dry stools settle at the rectum and are excreted through the anal canal.

Need of colon cleansing

Colon cleansing is anticipated to remove the left over feces, the toxins from the intestinal tract. The colon cleansing is needed to avoid the auto-intoxication. The left over feces and other undigested food in the colon may produce toxins due to the mucus formation. These toxins may enter the blood stream and may poison the other parts of the body leading to auto-intoxication. Other effects caused due to the auto-intoxication are: weight gain, lower energy levels in body, headache etc.

Is colon cleansing a good way to eliminate toxins from your body?Is colon cleansing a good way to eliminate toxins from the body?

Still many people guess that colon cleansing doesn’t work at all. But most of them prefer cleansing of colon should be done to make colon healthy. The theories like removing the stools which aren’t eliminated and the toxins are advantages with the colon cleansing. The results of the colon cleansing conducted in Britain does report any side effects. But there are possible disadvantages with this method like dizziness, mineral imbalance, perforation of the colon walls, destruction of human pro-biotic flora in the gut, cramps, nausea etc.

Recommendations for Good Colon Health

  • The health of the colon can be conserved by following some recommendations like
  • Eating more fiber and drinking sufficient water. This is always a first recommendation for a healthy colon which aids in soft stool formation and excretion.
  • Ingestion of foods like yogurt that contain pro-biotic organisms like bacteria that favor good health in the gut
  • Avoid eating the junk, processed foods.

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